Cabomet has been present in high vacuum metallization and coating finisching for many years, and also in the plastic injection extrution fields.

We are able to increase the value of each project thanks to the solidity of a large network of trusted collaborators and support the customer at every steps of the project, from the design and construction of the molds, to the extrusion, from metallization to the finishing of the items. In addition, we are leader in the production of plastic components for cups, trophies and award items.


Our processes


Metallization and Painting

Metallization represents a sustainable, fast and clean process. It consists in the physical vapour high vacuum deposition of different metal with a pureness until to 99,9%.

cabomet metallizzazione oggetti musicali


The metallization is based on the sublimation of aluminum under high vacuum. First of all the artifact is pretreated in order to create the correct surface, then through a physical process the aluminum becomes vapour and deposites on the desired material.

cabomet produzione di oggetti plastici
cabomet metallizzazione di lampadari


Plastic injection extrusion

In order to offer a complete service to our customers, we also have the plastic injection extrusion technology, starting from executive design and mold production.

Custom made

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cabomet prodotto di interior design - tavolo metallizzato
cabomet prodotto di interior design - oro
cabomet prodotto di interior design - oggettistica

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